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1 03_product_images/10/TnT + G4.1.jpg

Portable Appliance Tester with RCD, Leakage Test & Power Measurement

Model: TnT + G4.1

TnT + Portable Appliance Tester with:

$ 1,188.00
(ex GST)

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2 03_product_images/780/TnT RCD G4.1.jpg

Appliance tester with leakage and on board RCD tester

Model: TnT RCD G4.1

TnT RCD Portable Appliance Tester with:

$ 898.00
(ex GST)

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3 03_product_images/12/TnT+M.jpg

Portable Appliance tester c/w memory, RCD, software

Model: TnT+M G4.1

TnT + M Portable Appliance Tester with:

$ 1,388.00
(ex GST)

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4 03_product_images/15/TnT+XM G4.1.jpg

Portable Appliance tester, RCD, power measurement, memory,20A, software

Model: TnT+XM G4.1

TnT + XM Portable Appliance Tester with:

$ 1,998.00
(ex GST)

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5 03_product_images/2/TnT-EL G4.1.jpg

Portable Appliance Tester with Leakage test

Model: TnT-EL G4.1

TnT EL Portable Appliance Tester with:

$ 698.00
(ex GST)

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6 03_product_images/17/TnT-IND.jpg

Industrial Production Line tester

Model: TnT-IND

Industrial Production line Tester, Programmable with earth bond testing from 200mA to 25Amp, Fully controllable via PLC or PC (requires Command set) ..... Full Details

$ 6,488.00
(ex GST)

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7 03_product_images/814/TNT-RCD Test KIT.jpg

TNT-RCD Test Kit

Model: TNT-RCD Test KIT

All in one Test Kit for Portable Appliance Testing and Portable RCD's

This kit includes:

$ 1,098.00
(ex GST)

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8 03_product_images/18/TnT3PLM.jpg

3 Phase portable appliance tester c/w full software

Model: TnT3PLM 20 Amp

TnT-3PLM , 3 Phase Portable Appliance Tester@ 20 Amp operation, c/w 20000 Item memory, Testing of Single and 3 Phase devices, Supply from ..... Full Details

$ 6,988.00
(ex GST)

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9 03_product_images/19/TnT3PLM-32.jpg

3 Phase portable appliance tester, 32A c/w full software

Model: TnT3PLM-32

TnT-3PL32, 3 Phase Portable Appliance Tester @ 32 Amp operation, c/w 5000 Item memory, Testing of Single and 3 Phase devices, Supply from ..... Full Details

$ 8,688.00
(ex GST)

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10 03_product_images/950/WCM-TnT+M Kit.jpg


Model: WCM-TnT+M Kit

The New Generation TnT+M Kit allows you to conduct all test required under the standards,

The Kit Includes:

$ 1,698.00
(ex GST)

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