Oscilloscopes at Wavecom Instruments

Purchasing a Siglent oscilloscope through Wavecom ensures you are getting the best value oscilloscopes, with an amazing support system and a 3 year warranty. We offer the latest in oscilloscope technology, so whether you are a hobbyist, a student or an experienced engineer, Wavecom will have the right oscilloscope for you.

If you are looking for an oscilloscope at a lower price point, you won't beat the SDS-1072CML+, a 70MHz oscilloscope featuring a 1 gigasamples per second sampling rate, 2 Channel input, widescreen display and a whole lot more. Perfect for students and electronic enthusiasts, it still has the features of the higher end models at a fraction of the price. Normally $499, Siglent SDS-1072CML+ is currently on sale for just $298!

For a more professional, higher frequency oscilloscope, the SDS-1202DL+ is our recommendation. The larger frequency limit allows for a greater range of uses, and with massive 200MHz bandwidth, 1 gigasamples per second sampling rate, widescreen display and a wide range of trigger sources and types available, it's the perfect scope for both the serious hobbyist and professional settings. At $598.00, the SDS-1202DL+ oscilloscope represents great value for a higher end scope.

We also offer a range of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes from Siglent. Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes use a different architecture system than Digital Storage Oscilloscopes that optimises the scope for faster processing and less bottlenecking than a standard digital scope. Using a parallel processing system, Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes can display signals in near real time while processing in the background. Digital Phosphor scopes also have the added benefit of measuring 'intensity' of signals - how often a signal occurs - in real time, something a standard Digital Storage Scope cannot offer. Our range of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes represent a premium quality product at a very reasonable price.

While all our oscilloscopes come with a probe set in the box, we also offer extra probes available for sale for operations that may require more probes. To view our range of oscilloscopes and accessories, click one of the buttons below.