WCM-TnT-3PLM-20Amp - 3 Phase Portable Appliance Tester - 20Amp


3 Phase Portable Appliance Tester - 20Amp

CATEGORY Appliance Testers

The TnT-3PLM is a 3 Phase Portable Appliance Tester for testing of Single and 3 Phase devices. With Class I and II tests, Extension Lead tests, Mains Supply tests, RCD tests and more, the TnT-3PLM has all your 3 phase testing needs covered, and is completely AS/NZS 3760 Compliant.The TnT-3PLM boasts a 20,000 item memory for large scale testing, and a compatible keyboard and scanner for simple data entry. The heavy duty transit case is manufactured from high impact structural polymer and can handle whatever your work site can throw at it. This model is suitable for 20 Amp Operations - see the TnT-3PLM-32Amp for 32 Amp Operation.
  • Same as TnT + M tester
  • 20 Amp operation
  • 20,000 item memory
  • Testing of single and 3 phase devices
  • Supply from single or 3 phase supply
  • 200mA to 25A current earth bond testing
  • 250V/500/100V insulation testing
  • Tester rated @ 20 amp operation rated to 20 amp
  • 3 phase leakage testing
  • Includes single and either 4 or 5 pin 3 phase lead
  • 3 phase RCD testing capaiblity
  • WinPATS premium software
  • Hard transit carry case manufactured from ultra high impact structural polymer
  • Includes Free Lifetime Product Support
  • 24 month conditional warranty
  • 12 month calibration certificate

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