BB-01 - BB-01 Music Monitor


BB-01 Music Monitor

CATEGORY Sound and Vibration

Protect your entertainment license by controlling the sound levels with one simple device!
With Public Entertainment Licenses not getting any easier to secure, operators need all the help they can get to secure a license for their venue. The Blue Box Entertainment Music Monitor can help guarantee that noise levels will be kept under control.
The Blue Box is automatic in its operation and may be installed by any competent electrician. It is connected between the electrical consumer unit and the mains sockets used to supply power to the amplifiers. A microphone detects the level of sound within the room; if the sound level rises above the (user adjustable) pre-set threshold, the unit trips, removing power from the amplifiers. After twenty seconds the Blue Box automatically resets and restores the power. The front of the unit features a series of LED’s which go from green through orange to red, acting as a warning, enabling the operator of the sound system to keep the volume below the trip threshold. And the Blue Box is built tough, with a lock for security, so you know it'll be working when you need it.
  • Ideal for Pubs, Clubs and Music Venues
  • Monitor and control excessive noise from perfrormance nights or rehearsals
  • Automatic operation
  • Visual warning of excessive noise levels
  • Robust construction
  • Recommended by Environmental Health Officers 
Remove the stress of worrying about sound levels at your pub, club or entertainment venue - get a Blue Box today! 

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