WCM-TNT-RCD-Test-Kit - TnT-RCD Portable Appliance Testing Kit


TnT-RCD Portable Appliance Testing Kit

CATEGORY Appliance Testers

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Our latest TnT-RCD now features a Lithium Ion Battery Pack!

All in one Test Kit for Portable Appliance Testing and Portable RCD's

This kit includes:

  • TNT-RCD appliance tester with Lithium Ion Battery
  • Isolation transformer with all accessories
  • IP rated Hard Transit Carry Case.
  • Tag Cutter
  • Roll of 250 Generic Appliance Test Tags
  • Manual Log Book

The TnT RCD with Battery features:

  • Class I/ Class II testing
  • Polarity indication with warning
  • Simple Extension Lead tests
  • Earth Leakage & Continuity test
  • 500v & 250v selectable Insulation test routine
  • Meter Mode©
  • Mains supply integrity test on start up
  • Processor firmware factory updateable
  • Specially formulated Impact Resistant/Flame retardant casing
  • Designed for AS/NZ 3760: STANDARD testing procedures
  • True RCD Ramp Up test & RCD Trip Time
  • Over 3300 continuous sets of tests (6600 tests) can be completed on one charge
  • No need to change batteries
  • No need to worry about leakage or corrosive batteries/terminals
  • Australian designed
  • Australian manufactured
  • Includes Free Lifetime Product Support
  • Conditional 2 year warranty
  • 12 Month Calibration Certification

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