WCM-TnT+M Kit - TnT+M Portable Appliance Testing Kit


TnT+M Portable Appliance Testing Kit

CATEGORY Appliance Testers

Our latest TnT+M now features a Lithium Ion Battery Pack!

The New Generation TnT+M Kit allows you to conduct AS/NZS 3760 tests quickly and easily.

The Kit Includes:

  • TnT+M Portable Appliance Tester with Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • IP Rated Hard transit carry Case.
  • Isolation Transformer.
  • Mini Keyboard.
  • Tag Cutter.
  • Roll of 250 Generic Appliance Test Tags.
  • WinPATS Premium asset management software included (Valued at $798)

The TnT + M Portable Appliance Tester comes with:

  • 500v/250v insulation test
  • MeterMode
  • ClassI/ClassII
  • Extension Lead Test
  • Leakage test
  • RCD testing
  • Mains supply test
  • Power Measurement
  • Over 3000 continous sets of tests (6000 tests) can be completed on one charge
  • No need to change batteries
  • No need to worry about leakage or corrosive batteries/terminals
  • Data connectivity with serial and USB ports
  • 2 way data communication
  • Direct tag printer connectivity
  • includes keyboard via PS/2 port
  • Tester rated @ 10Amp operation for load test
  • 5000 item memory
  • 24 month conditional warranty
  • 12 month Calibration Certificate.
  • WinPATS Base software
  • 1 data base
  • 1000 records.

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