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  • WCM-165CB

    Multi Purpose Cable Tester


    $ 298.00

    Designed for testing the correct pin configuration of a range of ...

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  • WCM-168-CB

    Multi-Purpose Tone Generator


    $ 298.00

    The WCM-168-CB offers 4 transmitter plug types and a range of testing ...

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  • WCM-180CB

    Cable Tracer


    $ 158.00

    The WCM-180CB is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a ...

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  • WCM-185LCT

    LAN Cable Tester


    $ 218.00

    The WCM-185LCT is designed to test a range of cables and includes a remote receiving unit for long range ...

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  • WCM-188FFF

    Circuit Breaker Identifier


    $ 198.00

    The WCM-188FFF is an easy to use Circuit Breaker ...

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  • WCM-2330LX

    Light Meter


    $ 238.00

    The WCM-2330LX offers measurement of light levels up to 40,000 lux & 4000 ...

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  • WCM-5M

    Microwave Leakage Detector


    $ 158.00

    The WCM-5M offers 0 to 9.99 mW/cm microwave measurement with LCD digital ...

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  • WCM-6280 TB

    Test Box

    WCM-6280 TB

    $ 798.00

    The WCM-6280 TB offers a range of tests including RCD, Continuity, Insulation and ...

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  • WCM-890PR

    Phase Sequence Indicator


    $ 298.00

    The WCM-890PR is an easy to use Phase Sequence Indicator with flashing LED and audible alarm ...

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  • WCM-Meter-Case

    3 in 1 Meter Case


    $ 798.00

    Featuring a True RMS Multimeter, True RMS Clamp Meter and Insulation Tester, the 3 in 1 Meter Case offers a comprehensive electrical testing kit, ...

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    MFT-4+ Multifunction Tester


    $ 1,488.00

    Built for AS/NZS: 3000 Mandatory Testing Requirements, this ​Digital Multi function Installation Tester Covers Safety, Fault Finding & Compliance ...

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  • WCM-ST-850

    Phase rotation indicator with open phase checker


    $ 108.00

    The WCM-ST-850 is an easy to use phase rotation indicator with open phase ...

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