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$ 10.00 ex GST
Wavecom Instruments
Model : 900M-T-0.8D
Soldering Iron Tip
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1 03_product_images/188/dit_513[1].jpg

DIT-513 Infrared Thermometer

Model: DIT_513

DIT-513 Infrared Thermometer with Laser Marker. Full Details

$ 140.00
(ex GST)

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2 03_product_images/189/dit_515[1].jpg

DIT-515 Infrared Thermometer

Model: DIT_515

DIT-515 Infrared Thermometer with Laser Marker. Full Details

$ 155.00
(ex GST)

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3 03_product_images/191/dtm_307b[1].jpg

Digital Dual Thermometer

Model: DTM-307B

  • -50°C ~ 1,300°C (-58°F ~ 2,000°F).
  • Probe Connection Detector.
  • 3 1/2 Digit LCD ..... Full Details

$ 128.00
(ex GST)

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4 03_product_images/190/dtm_305b[1].jpg

DTM-305B Digital Thermometer

Model: DTM_305B

DTM-305B Single Input Digital Thermometer. Full Details

$ 88.00
(ex GST)

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5 03_product_images/192/DTM_316.jpg

DTM-316 Thermometer

Model: DTM_316

DTM-316 Dual Input Thermometer with Data Memory. Full Details

$ 144.00
(ex GST)

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6 03_product_images/193/DTM_317.jpg

DTM-317 Thermometer

Model: DTM_317

DTM-317 Thermometer Single Input with Data Recorder. Full Details

$ 207.00
(ex GST)

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7 03_product_images/194/DTM_318.jpg

DTM-318 Thermometer

Model: DTM_318

DTM-318 Thermometer Dual Input with Data Recorder. Full Details

$ 240.00
(ex GST)

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8 03_product_images/195/DTM_321.jpg

DTM-321 Temperature & Humidity Meter

Model: DTM_321

DTM_321 Temperature and Humidity Meter. Full Details

$ 255.00
(ex GST)

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9 03_product_images/196/DTM_322.jpg

DTM-322 Temperature & Humidity Meter

Model: DTM_322

DTM-322 Temperature and Humidity Meter with Data Recorder. Full Details

$ 256.00
(ex GST)

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