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  • WCM-KUTTER $ 9.80

    Wavecom Tag Cutter


    Tag / Label Remover

    • Removes tags from power cables without the risk of damaging the cable.
    • Easy to use.
    • ...

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  • WCM-MICRO-TAGS $ 26.00

    Microwave Tags


    Microwave Test Tags:

    • Used to record test results on Microwave Leakage 

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  • WCM-NTS-TAGS $ 27.80

    New to Service Tags


    New To Service Test Tags:

    • For appliances that have been introduced into service & will require testing & tagging at ...

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  • WCM-OTS-TAGS $ 23.70

    Out of Service/Danger Tags


    Out of Service / Danger Tag:

    • When an item has failed a test it is tagged so that it is not used and can be withdrawn from ...

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  • WCM-RCD-TAGS $ 24.88

    RCD Tags


    RCD Tags:

    • If you have an Appliance Tester with RCD Testing or a dedicated RCD Tester.
    • These tags are ideal ...

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