The All-In-One App for
Appliance Testing

The Most Advanced Appliance Testing App Yet!

WinPATS is the latest Portable Appliance Testing app from Wavecom Instruments. Offering an integrated testing, management and reporting environment, designed specifically to link seamlessly between your tester, your mobile, tablet or PC and online cloud storage, WinPATS is going to revolutionise the way you run your PAT Testing business.

Connect Via The Cloud

Sync your WinPATS databases over 4G or Wifi, so everyone in your team has the most up to date schedules, data and test results whenever and wherever they need it.

Conduct Tests Directly From Your Device

With a simple upgrade, connect your mobile device to your Wavecom tester and printer via Bluetooth or USB, and control your tester from 50m away.* Conduct tests, print tags and get your results straight to your device in real time, ready to upload to your database.

*Bluetooth connection can be established over distances of up to 200m in ideal conditions, and 50m reliably in all conditions.

Available On A Wide Range of Devices

WinPATS will soon be available on Android devices, with an iOS, Windows and Mac version coming in the near future.

Everything You Need To Run Your Business At Your Fingertips

With WinPATS Manager, you can organise, review and schedule your technicians all from a single app. Communicate with your technicians, get test results as they're uploaded and create reports quicker in real time.

Simpler Testing Than Ever Before

Connect your tester to WinPATS and conduct your tests directly from your mobile or tablet, with simple one button testing and the option to set up your own specific tests.

Backup Your Data To The Cloud

Store a virtually unlimited amount* of test results for up to 7 years, so you'll never have to worry about losing your data again.

*Subscription fees may apply subject to Fair Usage Policy

Create Reports At The Click Of A Button

Generate a range of reports from premade templates, or create your own reports using flexible filters to get exactly the data you need.

Scan QR Code And Barcodes With Your Device's Camera

Get your asset data and test history straight from your tags quickly and easily using the scanner function.

JSA Management

Quickly and easily generate Job Safety Analyses with or without an internet connection.

Runs On Amazon Web Services

Enjoy the security, reliability and future-proofing of the web infrastructure used by Adobe, Atlassian, Netflix and more.

How to Get WinPATS

We're putting the finishing touches on WinPATS as we speak - the Android version will be available in the very near future, as well as the option to upgrade or retrofit your TnT or TnP-500 to Bluetooth compatibility. WinPATS for iOS, Windows and Mac aren't far away either! To be the first to know about new features, functions and release information, be sure to subscribe to the WinPATS mailing list.

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