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The TnT Titan 20A Kit with Battery Powered Bluetooth Printer

The TnT Titan 20A Kit features all the benefits of the TnT Titan 20A with the added bonus of our latest Battery Powered Tag Printer with Bluetooth Connectivity. Conduct tests using the TnT Titan 20A and print tags wirelessly, directly from the new WinPATS App. Contained in an IP-67 Rated heavy duty case, the TnT Titan 20A Kit will make test and tagging easier than ever.


The TnT Titan 20A Kit with Battery Powered Bluetooth Printer


The TnT Titan 20A Kit with Battery Powered Bluetooth Printer

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Product Description


  • Class I, Class II, RCD, Leakage, Extension Lead tests
  • Simplified one button test procedures
  • WinPATS voucher (valued at $60 + gst) for App purchase through Google playstore
  • Virtually unlimited equipment/items storage through WinPATS Support Plan
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Technology with inbuilt antenna, with over 50 metre range
  • Comes with our latest Battery Powered Tag Printer, now featuring Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Includes an Advanced Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • IP-67 Rated Heavy Duty Transit Case
  • High power Lithium Ion Battery - Conduct over 3000 sets of Tests on a single charge
  • Includes a high quality 4G Android Tablet with mount accessories
  • Built In Isolation Transformer circuitry for portable RCD Testing
  • Real time clock for date and timestamps
  • Meter mode function
  • 20 amp operation
  • Specially formulated high impact resistant, flame retardant housing
  • Large fonts during tests showing results and progress
  • 12 month calibration certificate
  • Conditional 24 month warranty
  • Fully Australian designed & manufactured

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