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TnT RCD Portable Appliance Tester

The TnT RCD is our most affordable offering from our latest generation of appliance testers. Offering a wide range of tests, a long lasting Lithium Ion Battery and an integrated Isolation Transformer for RCD Testing, the TnT RCD offers amazing value. With our renowned one button testing and easy to read results screen, the TnT RCD will make your PAT testing a breeze.


TnT RCD Portable Appliance Tester


TnT RCD Portable Appliance Tester

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  • Class I, Class II, RCD, Leakage, Extension Lead tests
  • High power Lithium Ion Battery - Conduct over 3000 sets of Tests on a single charge
  • Built In Isolation Transformer circuitry for portable RCD Testing
  • Simplified one button test procedures
  • Large fonts during tests showing results and progress
  • Meter mode function
  • 10 amp operation (For 20A operation, see the TnT RCD 20A)
  • Specially formulated high impact resistant, flame retardant housing
  • 12 month calibration certificate
  • Conditional 24 month warranty
  • Fully Australian designed & manufactured

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