FEATURED SPECIAL TnT+M - Portable Appliance Tester with 5000 Item Memory - 10Amp

Get 500 ATT Tags absolutely free with any TnT+M purchase!* .....

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TnT+M - Portable Appliance Tester with 5000 Item Memory - 10Amp

Get 500 ATT Tags absolutely free with any TnT+M purchase!*
With four generations of Industry respected models and a proven pedigree you can rely on, Wavecom’s TnT Range is the industry benchmark in Test and Tag units. The Gen 4 TnT series provides a host of features and functions never before seen on any appliance tester.
With solid 10 Amp capability and a totally new Meter Mode function (providing instant power, voltage and current measurements) the TnT+M boasts a comprehensive list of tests and analysis as required under our AS/NZS 3760:2010 standards. The TnT+M also offers a built in database, to make testing, tracking and retesting easier than ever before. Simply enter your appliances into the database, perform your tests, and all the relevant information will be at your finger tips, either on the TnT+M or in the WinPATS Asset Management software database.
The TnT+M now features power bank technology. This gives you greater versatility in how you use your battery power compared to the limited capabilities of the AA, AAA alkaline & rechargable batteries that are available in other brands of testers. Not only can you charge up your tester, you also have available to you back up power for your mobile phone, GPS, camera and numerous mobile devices.
The Power Bank Charger will allow you to conduct 3000 sets of tests before you need to recharge the power pack. The power bank can be recharged from your cigarette lighter or phone charger in your car. The TnT+M comes with AC/DC power options and incorporates many of the same advanced features found in the range of TnT and TnP testers manufacturered by Wavecom right here in Australia.


TnT + M Portable Appliance Tester comes with:

  • 500v/250v insulation test
  • MeterMode
  • ClassI/ClassII
  • Extension Lead Test
  • Leakage test
  • RCD testing
  • Mains supply test
  • Power Measurement
  • Over 3000 continous sets of tests (6000 tests) can be completed on one charge
  • No need to change batteries
  • No need to worry about leakage or corrosive batteries/terminals
  • Data connectivity with serial and USB ports
  • 2 way data communication
  • Direct tag printer connectivity
  • includes keyboard via PS/2 port
  • Tester rated @ 10Amp operation for load test
  • 5000 item memory
  • 24 month conditional warranty
  • 12 month Calibration Certificate.
  • WinPATS Base software
  • 1 data base
  • 1000 records.


*Offer valid until January 31st 2019


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