WCM-TnT-EL - TnT-EL - Portable Appliance Tester with Leakage test


TnT-EL - Portable Appliance Tester with Leakage test

CATEGORY Appliance Testers

For a limited time, the TnT-EL comes with a free roll of ATT Tags, normally valued at $58+GST
With four generations of Industry respected models and a proven pedigree you can rely on, Wavecom’s TnT Range is the industry benchmark in Test and Tag units. The Gen 4 TnT series provides a host of features and functions never before seen on any appliance tester.
With solid 10 Amp capability and a totally new Meter Mode function (providing instant power, voltage and current measurements) the Gen 4 TnT Series boasts a comprehensive list of tests and analysis as required under our AS/NZS 3760:2010 standards.
Designed and manufacturered in Australia to meet stringent testing requirements - some of the tighest in the world - the TnT Gen 4 series now sets its own new standard of reliability and ruggedness, which also comes with a 24 month conditional warranty.

The TnT-EL Portable Appliance Tester features:

  • 500v/250v insulation test
  • MeterMode
  • ClassI/ClassII
  • Extension Lead Test
  • Leakage test
  • Mains supply test
  • Tester rated @ 10 Amp operation for load test
  • Includes Free Lifetime Product Support
  • 250 ATT Tags Included Free for a Limited Time
  • 24 month conditional warranty
  • 12 month Calibration Certificate.

ATT Tag offer ends April 31st 2019

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