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Appliance Testers

FEATURED SPECIAL TnT+M - Portable Appliance Tester with Lithium Ion Battery Bank Technology - 10Amp

Get 500 ATT Tags absolutely free with any TnT+M purchase!* .....

$1,288.00 View
OTHER SPECIALS TnP-500W - now just $2,998+GST! Fully integrated test & print unit with wireless scanner - 10Amp

Wireless TnP integrated Test n Print Unit Unit for high .....

$2,998.00 View

Very Versatile Digital Clamp Meter 400A/1000A AC/DC .....

$198.00 View
OTHER SPECIALS Siglent 100MHz Two Channel Oscilloscope

500MS/s Sampling Rate, 50G Sa/s equivalent sampling rate .....

$348.00 View
OTHER SPECIALS Analog Insulation Tester

Analog Insulation - Continuity tester         .....

$198.00 View