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  • WCM-AMK-SSA3000X Ask Us

    Siglent SSA3000X Advanced Measurement Software Kit


    Advanced measurement kit for the Siglent SSA3000X series Spectrum Analysers, including ACPR, CHPower and OBW. Radio communication standards ...

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  • WCM-EMI-SSA3000X Ask Us

    Siglent SSA3000X EMI Measurement Software


    The optional EMI Pre-Compliance Measurement Kit offers Quasi-Peak detector and EMI filters (200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, -6 dB bandwidth). Importing ...

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  • WCM-RB3X20 Ask Us

    Siglent RB3X20 Reflection Bridge 1MHz to 2GHz


    Reflection measurement bridge for spectrum analysers, 1 MHz~2 GHz. Bridge and adapters only.

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  • WCM-RBSSA3x20 Ask Us

    Siglent RBSSA3X20 Reflection Measurement Kit


    Reflection measurement bridge and software kit for Siglent SSA3000X series of spectrum analysers, 1 MHz~2 GHz

    The RBSSA3X20 is used ...

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  • WCM-REFL-SSA3000X Ask Us

    SSA300X Reflection/VSWR Software License


    Unlocks the Reflection/VSWR option for the SSA3000X series of Spectrum Analyzers.

    Please note: This software requires an ...

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  • WCM-SSA-3021X Ask Us

    Siglent SSA3021X Spectrum Analyser


    The Siglent SSA-32021X Spectrum Analysers offer a great value option with a light-weight form factor, and a user-friendly interface. Featuring ...

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