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  • WCM-DT-5554-RCD

    Digital RCD Tester


    $ 298.00

    The CEM DT-5554 RCD Tester offers high accuracy and reliability with its custom ...

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    Digital RCD Tester


    $ 298.00

    The WCM-RCD is a microprocessor based Residual Current Device Tester or an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ...

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  • WCM-RCD Test Kit

    Wavecom RCD Test Kit

    WCM-RCD Test Kit

    $ 438.00

    An all in one Test Kit for testing portable and switchboard RCDs, with a handy carry ...

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  • WCM-TEL1-4 240V

    ELCB Tester

    WCM-TEL1-4 240V

    $ 65.00

    The TEL1 ELCB tester is designed to verify electrical wiring and earth leakage and residual current ...

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