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Milliohm Meter

The WCM-4136 mO is a microprocessor controlled Milliohm meter with a range of handy features to make testing easy.

WCM-4136 mO

Milliohm Meter


Milliohm Meter

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Product Description

  • Micoprocessor-controlled
  • Four terminal measurement
  • Measures down to 100µΩ
  • 5 Ranges from 200.0µΩ to 2000Ω
  • Maximum resolution of 100µΩ
  • Three test currents with over-temperature protection
  • Protection against inadvertent connection to over voltage
  • Large LCD
  • "Full-featured EnerSave™
  • "EnerSave™ Auto off.
  • Lightweight, robust & compact.
  • Indicators show if reading may be invalid (Rp Ec and temperature)
  • "O-Ring" sealed case.

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