WCM-165CB - Multi Purpose Cable Tester


Multi Purpose Cable Tester

CATEGORY Electrical Testers

Multi Purpose Cable Tester

  • An ideal tool which can test the correct pin configuration for different kinds of cables
  • RJ45/RJ11, Coax, USB, BNC cable, multi wired cable
  • Auto scan and manual check function.
  • Audible alarm warning for wire status
  • 2 LED module indicators on the master unit which can do both of transmitter and reciever functions for RJ45/RJ11 cable testing. Users dont need to use the recieving unit
  • 165 CB provides a variety for checking cable continuity, open status, short status and miss wired
  • Ground (shielded) wire test
  • LED indication for wire status
  • Power source: 9V battery

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