Ultra-eSAM-Router - Ultra eSAM 4G LTE Wifi Router


Ultra eSAM 4G LTE Wifi Router

MODEL Ultra-eSAM-Router

Intercel’s Ultra eSAM is a robust 4G Wi-Fi Router for Industrial machine to machine and ‘Internet of Things’ applications. It features 4G connectivity as well as LAN and LAN/WAN ports to provide real-time data connectivity over the super-fast 4G LTE network or local internet connection.

Ultra eSAM provides a secure, reliable connection to industrial machines on third party sites or remote locations. The simple integration of Ultra eSAM in a design or application will benefit any IoT Service Manager, System Integrator or End-User.

Also integrated is a standalone GPS function that operates in parallel with the 4G connection, giving you location tracking functionality without sacrificing connectivity.

The Ultra eSAM features a robust, IP30 rated metal casing and multiple sturdy mounting options, making the Ultra eSAM reliable and sturdy, even in harsh environments.

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