Smart-SAM4Q-Modem - Smart SAM4Q 4G/LTE Modem


Smart SAM4Q 4G/LTE Modem

MODEL Smart-SAM4Q-Modem

The Intercel Smart SAM series of modems are well known and used widely wherever a cellular solution is required. The new Smart SAM4 4G LTE category 1 modem is physically and electrically compatible to the 3G and 2G versions, making swap outs in the field easy.

Importantly the new 4G modem comes with the Intercel Smart Stack as standard which will allow you to make full use of your preferred mobile network irrespective of the capability of your remote device.

The Smart SAM4Q is designed for both mobile and fixed M2M applications. It has an RJ45 socket for input voltage and the serial RS232 signals, an FME-male connector for antenna connection, a SIM holder and an LED indicator.

Housed in a strong and lightweight ABS case and with full Industrial Grade components, the Smart SAM4 is ideal for all Industrial remote data applications including Remote Meter Reading / Smart Metering, Fleet Management, Security, Irrigation and other control applications.

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