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  • tbc $ 109.80

    15A to 10A Power Adapter with RCD and 2400W Overload Protection


    The Ampfibian MICRO 15A Power Adaptor is our most compact power adaptor. The Ampfibian MICRO is certified to comply with Australian electrical ...

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  • WCM-286SVD $ 109.00

    Wearable Voltage Detector


    The 286 SVD Wearable Voltage Detector is a convenient solution for sensing AC High Voltage. It automatically emits a clearly audible beeping ...

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  • WCM-FLIR-E5-XT $ 2,150.00

    FLIR E5-XT Infrared Camera with MSX and Wifi


    The FLIR E5-XT is a powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use troubleshooting tool for building, electrical, and mechanical applications. With a ...

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  • WCM-KEL103 $ 588.00

    DC Electronic Load - 300W - 120V - 30A


    The KEL103 DC Electronic Load is ideal for a range of uses including production, research & development, quality control and more. Conduct ...

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  • WCM-Micro-M30 Ask Us

    Hikmicro M30 Handheld Thermography Camera


    The Hikmicro M30 thermographic handheld camera is based on the thermal technology, specially designed for the needs of temperature measuring ...

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    TnT Titan Printer Serial Cable


    Serial Cable for connecting the TnT Titan range of PAT Tester to the TT040-50 Wavecom Barcode Printer. This allows tags to be printed with the ...

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  • WCM-TnT-Titan-Kit-UPG $ 3,298.00

    Upgrade From Any Safety Appliance Tester To A New TnT Titan Kit


    Trade in any Portable Appliance Tester and save on a new TnT Titan Kit.

    The TnT Titan Kit features all the benefits of the TnT Titan ...

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  • WCM22355 $ 14.98

    TnT Shoulder Strap


    2 inch wide adjustable shoulder strap with swivel clip, designed for use with the Generation 5 TnT RCD and TnT Titan.


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  • WCM22356 $ 9.98

    Scanner Lanyard


    1 inch wide lanyard with swivel clip, designed for use with the Cipherlab ...

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  • WCM25293 $ 48.98

    Tablet Mounting Accessories for 8 Inch Tablets


    Top and Bottom Mounting Accessories for 8 Inch Tablets. With these mounts you can clip your tablet into your Generation 5 Wavecom appliance ...

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